Aimee & Becky visit, part 1: the beach, nail painting, and girls night

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

 One of my best friends, Aimee, and her cousin, Becky, came for a visit almost 2 weeks ago.  It was awesome having them here, and we were able to do a lot of exploring and adventuring!  The first full day they were here, we took them on a driving tour of Monterey, and then ended at the beach.  
 As I was standing there, toes in the sand, watching Ezra dig in the sand like a dog, I looked over at Monterey, and the fog/clouds lifted off the hill - it was so neat!  The sun was trying so hard to peek through the clouds!
 People are always asking if we find a lot of shells at the beach.  Instead of shells, this is what we usually see.
 After we got home from the beach, the kiddo's took naps, and once they woke up, the girls did their nails (L was so excited for Aimee to do hers!), and we put Tangled on - a nice chance to sit and relax.  
After we had dinner that night, and the kids went to bed, us girls made some delicious mocha mystery dessert (recipe coming soon, don't worry...), poured some wine, and watched a documentary (yeah, we're nerdy like that), and then they started my obsession introduced me to the show New Girl.  It was an awesome day...the beach, hanging out with some of my favorite people, chocolate & wine, lots of laughter... 
(Some phone photos from the first day)
L at the beach // kiddo's eating breakfast // L and Aimee at the beach
Mocha Mystery, wine and shows with the girls // my excited face // a bubbly beverage
L and Aimee making silly faces // a seal in the water! // Ezra at the beach

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