Our last week: flowers, outfits, and the beach.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Eliana, picking flowers on one of our walks to the park.  Love that girl.
 Precious new outfits for Evie.
 Eliana and Ezra got their first Zootle magazine in the mail.
The poster picture is deceptive, because really we learned all about whales and the number 1.
This girl.  She loves picking out her clothes in the morning.  Even if they don't exactly coordinate. 
 Eating breakfast the other day, Ezra tries hiding behind his cup.  Silly boy.
 Reading books on the couch before naps.  
 Saturday morning, after breakfast, we knew we needed to get out of the house.  So we packed in the car, and drove a few miles down the highway, to the beach.  There really is something so peaceful and overwhelming and redemptive about standing with your toes tucked into the sand, waves crashing over and over, little birds racing around on their little stilt-legs, and being reminded of how awesome God is.  
 Evie and Mama.  She hung out on my back, taking in the sights and sounds, eventually falling asleep.  
 My husband has a happy place.  It is here.  
The sand dollars we found in the surf.  
Scooping sand, filling buckets, dumping piles.  These two love being at the beach.  Eliana has no fear of the water, and loves to wade with Max.  She runs along the beach, so carefree and happy - it is so obvious that the ocean and the beach fill her with joy.  Ezra is afraid of the water, and is content to stay back from the water, playing with sand and toys.  I think he could scoop and dump sand all day long, with the occasional bird-chasing in between.  I adore how much they love being at the beach.  Our Saturday morning may have started out a bit glum, but after visiting the beach, and getting saltwater and  fresh sea air on our faces, we all felt a whole lot better.  

The rest of our weekend was filled with lego-building, family dinners, Catan-playing, chocolate desserts, long nap times, bench-building, chair-painting, movies, and quality time together.   It was lovely and refreshing and good.  

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  1. I love all the photos of the kids. They're growing up so quick!

  2. They are so precious! Love that the beach isn't packed like the one here.

  3. Its all about the little moments!! Looks like you had a week full of love!!

  4. These beach pictures make me want to go to the beach so badly! I haven't been brave enough to suggest going with a babe, but we might have to take the plunge soon.

  5. Oh, it's so neat that you live so close to the beach! My kids have been begging to go to see the ocean :)



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