Evie @ 10 months

Friday, July 26, 2013

 Playing with one of her favorites...the dollhouse!
Our little Evelyn...only a few months away from being 1-year old!  Where, oh where, does time go?!  Someone tell my baby to quit getting so big!!!

She loves playing with the dollhouse, pretending to talk on the "phone", giving (open-mouth, slobbery) kisses, playing in the bath, sorting through legos, getting into the DVD's, and following her brother and sister around.  Evie adores her Daddy, waves "hi", and eats like a champ - her favorite foods right now are eggs, watermelon, meatballs, and sweet potatoes.  

This past week or so, her sleeping has really improved.  She has been going to bed around 700pm and sleeping all the way through until 4 or 5am.  I will then feed her and put her back to sleep for a few more hours.  Some nights, she still wakes around midnight or 1am fussing, but she typically just needs to pop her pacifier back in her mouth and she will go back to sleep.  So proud of how she is progressing and so happy to be getting some longer sleeping stretches at night!  

Evie weighs 18-ish pounds, wears size 9m clothing, a size 3 diaper, has 2 little teeth (Max lovingly calls her 'can-opener'), nurses 4-5 times in a 24-hour period, crawls everywhere, and pulls herself up on the shorter furniture.
She is sweet, can be a little dramatic at times, and we adore her.

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  1. I can't believe she is that old already!

  2. What!?! When did this happen!? I feel like you just had her.

  3. No! She cannot be that big! Didn't you just have her?! But, oh, she is so cute. :)

  4. Such a big girl! I feel like she was just born!

  5. I love seeing a fellow blonde baldy! My littlebit is 16 months old and only has slightly more hair. She's too precious.



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