Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Our week, brought to you courtesy of my handy-dandy phone!  
Getting sweet packages in the mail, from dear friends, just because. 
Made our week a little brighter and our smiles a lot bigger!
Ezra, with his new superhero mask.  Little stud.
 Owl mugs make my mornings just a little happier.  Whooo-knew?!
 Just a Sunday morning self-portrait, because NBD, 
but I was able to zip a skirt that hasn't fit for 3 years!  
 Pull up a chair at Daddy's barbershop!  
A peek into the "family grooming time" the other night!
 Trying a new recipe and making tortillas for sweet potato black bean burritos.
They turned out great, and dinner was awesome!
 Taking pictures of everybody for Daddy, who had duty one day this week.  
We missed him and wanted him to know!
 Goofy girl!
Had to get one of Mama too, of course.
You will also be happy to know I included a pic of the fish tank...Daddy's other love, ha!

We are all feeling much better than last week, and so thankful for that!  
Enjoying some time outside, soaking up the sun and fresh air.
Skyping with sweet friends and family.
Watching movies and building forts, aka "offices" and "bedrooms" to play in.
Looking forward to the weekend with Daddy.
Happy Wednesday, y'all!  

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  1. Way to rock that skirt - you look beautiful!

    I love that owl mug - do you mind sharing where you got it?

  2. Fitting into old clothes is THE BEST feeling, right??? Go you!!

    And I was just telling someone the other day how making tortillas from scratch was way out of my league. I can hardly flip a pancake without butchering it so I imagine tortillas are the same way?

  3. Your kids are adorable!

    Yay for fitting into old clothes!!!!



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