Coffee on a Tuesday

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Morning y'all (I can't help but keep the y'all...can't believe I'm saying this, but I miss NC and living in the South...)!  I'm drinking a delicious cup of coffee with almond milk - it's been a few days since coffee sounded good - last week, I got whatever Max had and it was a lovely few days full of sinus/chest cold, complete with headaches, low fever, congestion, and a cough.  Eliana got it the worst out of the three kids, and I am just thankful that it didn't hit them harder.  We did a LOT of resting and watching movies, trying to take it easy and give our bodies a chance to get well.  We were feeling mostly better by the weekend, but still had a relaxing, lazy weekend - the only time we went out was for church (it WAS nice to get out of the house, lol!) - and enjoyed lots of family time, which was really nice.  

By the end of the weekend, I was pretty sure I also had a UTI (TMI?! probably...), so yesterday, Max took the bus to school, leaving the car at home, so I could get to the Doc.  It was quite the adventure taking all three kids with me - I must be crazy?!  Or just haven't made good enough friends to pawn my children off, ha! - the Doc I see is in an old house, and there are stairs getting into the office, so I decided it was a poor idea to take Evie in the stroller.  Which meant carrying her AND corralling the two toddlers - I may have bribed them with Cinderella fruit snacks - and the Doc did my exam with Evie sitting in my lap!  Oh the adventures I have with these kids!  Really though, they did great and although it took a bit more time and energy going with all three, they were good helpers and listeners and I am glad they made sure I was ok :)
Last night was dubbed "family grooming time" after dinner.  Ezra's hair had gotten quite long and fluffy on top, and it was high time for a cut, which is Daddy's job.  Ezra was afraid of the clippers at first, so I showed him it wasn't scary by trimming Daddy's neck hairs (since he keeps his head shaved every week), haha!  Eliana then wanted to shave her neck hairs too.  Oy vey, that girl.  I trimmed up her bangs (they aren't perfect, but whatever!) while Daddy did Ezra's hair - they both turned out good, and I am glad we got it done.  Eliana is determined to grow her hair out, like Tangled's (Rapunzel) hair (and Ms. Amy's hair...), and tells me all the time how her hair is growing so long.  It's cute.  I put them right in the bathtub after their trims, and they proceeded to pretend to shave one another's back and chest and neck and leg hairs.  Where in the world do they get this stuff from?!  
Max is doing well.  School is busy - it's the same as last time I wrote about it - he goes to class all day, then comes home and studies for about 3 hours each night.  I am getting more accustomed to having him home, but not "here with us" at night (as he has to be upstairs studying his brains out).  He really seems to love being back in school.  Although I know he gets a lot of brain overload and is overwhelmed with the pace of learning the language, I can tell he loves being stimulated and working hard at what he does.  We've had some of his classmates over for dinner and games, which was fun to finally put faces to names - he is in class with the same people every single day for months, so I hear all about them and the class over dinner most nights.  

The kids are doing well.  We've found a pretty good rhythm for our days, which is good for all of us.  Evie is giving me some angst in the sleep department, and these next few weeks are devoted to working on sleep training with her - she does great during the day and even falls asleep wonderfully, but she has been waking up multiple times during the night again.  I thought it was maybe due to the cold last week, but the cold is gone, and it's gotten worse this week.  Ah well - I'll sleep eventually, right?!!   

Ezra has gotten over his anxiety at church - I figured once we got settled here and got past the big move transition, it would work itself out.  He loves going to play at Sunday school and marches in there without a care that he's leaving us behind.  I love it - makes me happy knowing he is happy and content.  Oh!  And he finally peed in the potty. It's been like pulling teeth trying to get him to even sit on that thing, but a few weeks ago, he WANTED to, and he peed!  We've had a few successes now, and I'm so proud of him!  Now to get up my courage to set up a few days and REALLY work on potty-training with him (it was NOT my favorite thing with L, probably because it took soooooooo long, but maybe he'll be different!).  Eliana, however, has been having accidents again.  It's so strange!  I am wondering if the transition is finally catching up to her?!  She hasn't had accidents for so long, and all of a sudden, a few days in a row, all in different places and at different times, she pees in her panties!  I am back to constant reminders and frequent potty breaks with her, and so far, so good.  
 I've been slowly working on my summer goals.  I am almost done painting those blasted red chairs - I have to do a second coat on one, and finish the last, and then THEY ARE DONE!  Once those are complete, I can paint up my trunk and get it finished, so it can finally come into the house - I think it will help the living room so much!  I decided to also paint our coffee table - we'll see how it turns out ;) I am just eager for our living room space to feel more "done", with photos on the walls and the trunk in the house.  

I started the 30 day shred a few weeks ago, and although I had to take a break last week because I felt so lousy, I am back at it, and working hard to be consistent and stick with it.  We have been eating healthy, and I've been working hard on how much we splurge on desserts and sweets - the other day Max even told me I didn't need ice cream, as it wouldn't help my body fight the cold - he NEVER denies dessert, so I was pretty impressed!  Oh!  I finished Friday Night Lights and have been in withdrawal ever since.  My evenings are much less entertaining without the Taylor's and Dillon football, haha!  I don't think I've been so "into" a show since the Gilmore Girls back in college!  

Don't be surprised if the blog changes looks soon - I love changing things up and have the itch to do something new with this space!  Um, wow - now that I've rambled your ear off.  My coffee is long gone, and the kids are about done with their daily screen time (they LOVE watching old-school Disney the pick was Snow White...that witch is scary, y'all!), so I best get off my tailfeathers and get ready for some playtime!  Happy Tuesday! 

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  1. I couldn't imagine trying to wrangle those three kids at an appointment by myself. Good for you!

  2. LOL to wanting to shave her neck hairs!! ;) My Sam is still scared to DEATH of clippers. I have no clue how to break this fear. He had a mullet during most of the deployment because I just had no desire to fight that battle. And sporting a mullet is punishment in itself, right? ;)

  3. I loved reading about your life right now.

    I can't wait to see the finished DIY projects!

  4. Goodness! I feel scared to go out with just these two (and haven't yet by myself, lol)! I need you to come teach me how to get into a daily rhythm. :)



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