Friday Evening at the Beach {Fort Ord Dunes State Park}

Saturday, June 22, 2013

 Last night, after a simple meal of sourdough sandwiches with watermelon chunks and carrot sticks, we piled into the car, and headed a few miles down the road to the beach before bedtime.  It was an evening full of sunshine, sand, and the sea spraying our eyelashes full of salt (or so it felt!).  We parked at a local Dunes State Park, and there were few other cars there.  We had to hike down into a canyon, and then out to the water.  It was beautiful and exciting and refreshing.  

Once we made it to the waters edge, Eliana and Ezra were content to scoop sand with buckets and shovels, Max was happy to wander along the water, searching for neat pieces of driftwood, and Evie hung out in the front pack, taking in the sounds and sights.  After an hour of scooping and investigating, we collected our things and headed back up the canyon, on our way home.  

 We made it home, all ready to fall into our beds, with the sound of waves crashing in our ears and the feeling of sand shifting under our feet.  What a lovely Friday evening at the beach. 

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  1. How fun! Looks like a great time. :)

  2. Sounds like a great way to unwind from the day!

  3. Amazing! What a fantastic way to spend a Friday evening. The memories you guys will make there will be so precious to look back on (and the photo opportunities make me swoon :) Oh how I miss the ocean. xo



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