Errands, siblings & the Princess tea

Monday, June 24, 2013

We had a good weekend together.  We went to the beach Friday evening.  On Saturday morning, Max and Ezra headed out to do some errands.  It cracked me up, because Ezra is like a little mini-me to Max.  There they were, all ready to go out together (which, of course, Ezra was thrilled to go out with his Daddy on errands!), drinks in hand.  I love them.    
Saturday afternoon, Eliana and I got to attend a Princess tea, that was held at church.  Eliana wore her fanciest dress, I curled her hair, and put some "lipstick" on her.  She was so excited!  We had tea - finger sandwiches, fruit, nuts, tea cookies, cupcakes, and tea, of course!  They also did a short devotional time, and had all the girls come up on stage for a picture.  It was a blast and so fun to see so many little girls all dressed up - and it was nice to be able to meet some other women at church, and spend some girl time, away from home!  Eliana was worn out by the end (it WAS nap time), but seemed to have a great time!   
I walked into the living room, while the kids were watching a movie, and thought it was so cute that they were snuggled right next to each other.  I love how close they are.  Ezra absolutely adores Eliana, and is always copying her, and following her lead.  It's so sweet to see them playing together.  They definitely have their moments, where I just need to separate them, as they learn how to play well, and to share nicely.  But it's been so fun watching their friendship grow lately.  I know they both love Evie, but I have a feeling the two of them will always have a special relationship, since they are so close in age, and do so much together. 

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  1. Oh my those kids are too cute! I love the cuddles on the couch. So precious!

    Adventures of a Semper Fi Family

  2. Eliana looks so grown up!!

    What a wonderful weekend.

  3. Just so cute! I love the idea of a Princess Tea!

  4. So much fun! The tea sounds awesome. Wish Millie and I could have joined you. :)



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