Sweet Potatoes.

Thursday, March 07, 2013

We've casually started introducing some solids to Evie this week.  I thought it was fitting to begin with sweet potatoes, as we (especially Max) calls her a little sweet potato.  She has done well, and seems to enjoy the small taste that she gets.  A lot of it slides back out of her mouth, but she gladly sucks on the spoon and tries to swallow some!  I know she'll get the hang of solids soon - and maybe some other foods - bananas and avocado and rice cereal - will help sweeten the deal in a few more days!

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  1. Awe yay for solids!!

    those are the best bibs ever.

  2. Rend Collective casually hanging out on the pc screen! i love it, they're awesome and completely down to Earth. I met them at a concert last October and they helped us out with Compassion International stuff. love love. Oh and a new album coming out sooon.

    and your kids are adorable. too cute for words.

  3. Yay for solids, I love how she is in the middle of the table lol. So cute!

  4. Is she trying to lick more off her bib?!? I need to find pics of you at her age - spitting image! But then those mama eyes on your girls - go figure! The whole post made me think of when L ate the bleau cheese dip!



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