Sunday Fun-day

Monday, February 25, 2013

It was absolutely gorgeous out yesterday - warm, sunny, and slightly breezy - and after a few days of rain and gray, I was ready to be outside.  After our post-church naps, we fled the house to soak up the sunshine.  A trip to the park, finding sticks and flowers, and running nonstop were just what we all needed.  
 a Daddy and his girls
 "I'm a stud!"
 Sweet smiles from the wee one.
 I couldn't get over how grown up he looked!  And his little converse shoes!  Such a little mini-Max!
 Nose scrinch!
 Ezzy gets the biggest kick out of the "fish face"!  He is so fascinated and thinks it's hilarious - it always has him giggling and trying to imitate Daddy!
 I "moustache" you a question - can anyone tell me what inspired my husband to grow a stache?!  And yes, it's really blonde, bwa haha!  So funny!  I like that you can actually see it in this picture, because sometimes it's so light blonde that the camera doesn't really capture it!
 This picture.  Oh, this picture.  Framing this in our new house.  Love.
A baby and her Daddy.  

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  1. I love your little guy's vest and Converse shoes, oh my, too adorable!

  2. The vest is too much, oh so cute!!!! :)



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