Learning our ABC's.

Friday, February 22, 2013

 A few weeks ago, we were having a mini-meltdown moment, and I was trying to find something to distract the kids with.  I had been thinking that we should start some kind of organized "learning/crafting" time, and the meltdown proved to be the perfect time to start.  I pulled out the paper, drew a letter A, and we glued ripped paper onto the letter.  It was easy, the kids LOVED it, and it kept us entertained for awhile - all what I was looking for.  

Each week (give or take - we are super flexible!), we spend a chunk of a morning learning about a new letter, and doing a fun craft activity to go along with it!  We've done A, B, and C now, and so far, the kids have really liked doing this!  For the letter B, we made 'B' butterflies with crumpled tissue paper wings.  This week, for the letter 'C', we made cats.  Each time, we come up with words that start with that letter, and also do a Bible verse that starts with that letter.  I work to repeat the verse throughout the week, and usually, within a few days, L is able to say it back to me!  Plus, she still remembers the A and B verse as well!  The verse memorization is a work-in-progress with Ezra!

We've all been having a lot of fun working on learning our ABC's, recognizing the letter, and words that start with that letter, plus doing some fun crafts and working on memorization!  

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  1. I this is so awesome! You are doing a great job. :)

  2. Thats great! !! We're doing stuff like this too. They like numbers a lot better though. ;-)

  3. Great ideas! I love watching the little ones learn.

  4. You are super mom! I really should do something like this.



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