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Tuesday, November 06, 2012


Here I am, finally getting around to sharing some of our adventures from last month.  In other words, be prepared for many photos...

My Mom and Grandma came a week after Evelyn was born, and while they were here, my Great-Aunt Kathy & Great-Uncle David came for a weekend visit.  We hadn't seen them since last April, so it was great to catch-up, and have even more people to help around the house! 
Great-Aunt Kathy and L, doing their nails.  It was orange for Halloween!
One night, we made chex mix, and it was sitting out on the counter cooling.  I was doing something in the kitchen, and L ran in.  She quickly ran back out, only to re-appear a minute later, stool in hand.  I quietly watched as she shoved that stool against the counter and climbed on up to help herself.  I don't think she realized I was watching, but I was giggling so hard!  She stood there for a few minutes, picking out her chex mix - it was way too cute!
 Kathy & David with the kids // Great-Grandma with the 3 great-grandchildren 
Great-Aunt Kathy, my Mom & Grandma with the kids // 4 generations of women

The kids were NOT feeling the photos, as you can probably tell.  I love the one of Grandma with the kids, and Ezzy wouldn't even turn around to face the camera, ha!  I think he was picking her flowers?!
 Ezzy, and his Great-great Uncle David.  This picture makes me smile.
My littlest one.  
Playing "train" with their chairs.
 Can't get enough of her little baby-ness.  So sweet.
 Best picture of the 3 kids so far.  Gotta work on getting a better one, haha!
 Coloring with Babu at the little table.  My dad came for a week, at the tail-end of my mom's visit here.  
First time taking a pacifier // I found a spatula in her seat one day...a present from her brother?!
Laying on her playmat.
My not-so-little girl.
 Babu and baby Evie.
Bibi & Babu with their grandkids!

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  1. How fun!! :) It's always the best when family visits. :)

  2. I love seeing all your photos. Those kids are so cute!



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