A morning walk

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Max had a day off last week.  So after breakfast, we all loaded into the van and drove to the "big park" to play.  Once Eliana and Ezra were worn out from playing and sliding and swinging, we took a walk down a path nearby.  And it was just lovely.  

The wind lightly rustling the crisp leaves, and blowing at the hair around our faces.  The sound of the birds chirping, and the leaves brushing against one another.  The smell of fresh air and trees and grass.  Taking in the fall colors and the way the trees swayed in the breeze, watching the little bubbling stream and the fish poking their heads out of the water.  

It felt peaceful and refreshing and good.  We didn't plan for a walk through the woods that morning.  But it ended up being just what we all needed.

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  1. It looks beautiful there.

    (PS - What baby carrier do you use?)

  2. I've been to that park! There is a disc golf course attached. I love it. Thanks for the memories.



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