Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Sweet Evie is 1-week old today.  We've been enjoying our time at home, resting and getting to know our baby #3.  She is doing well - eating like a champ, and doing a LOT of sleeping.  We've managed to get some decent sleep, and although I could always sleep more, I am feeling pretty good.  

The kids are doing great with her - there have been some jealousy struggles (mostly with L - she gets jealous of Daddy and Evie), as well as some increased tantrums, but for the most part, it's going well.  Eliana was dead-set that she wanted a little girl baby, so I think she was pretty excited when it WAS a baby Evie, instead of a baby boy!  She loves to hold Evie.  Ezra is a bit more apathetic and disinterested - he gets distracted by everything around him, ha!  He thinks she is "funny" (totally his choice of words to describe her), and also calls her "Pink" when you ask him what her name is - no clue where he got that from, but it makes me giggle.  They have both been a huge help with getting diapers or wipes or burp rags for me when I ask.  

Max has been a rockstar, taking care of the kids and meals and the house, and telling me to rest.  He and Ezzy have this morning breakfast routine down - Ezzy helps him make coffee and then the meal.  It's pretty cute and I think Ezzy now believes the world runs on coffee alone!  

My mom and Grandma flew into town yesterday, and we are enjoying their company and help for the next few weeks.  
I have a lot more photos that I am excited to share, as well as Evie's birth story - and hope to work on those in the next few days.  The "big kids" (so strange I can say that now...) are in bed - not asleep yet, because I can hear Ezzy jumping in his bed, ha - and we are putting a movie on...snuggle time for this mama...

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  1. So so sweet! I'm glad y'all are adjusting well, although I know what the jealousy and tantrums are like. Can't wait to read the birth story! :)

  2. This is so sweet! :) You sure have lovely kids!
    Nice that everytin is going good and that you have some extra help for the first few weeks.
    Looking forward to following your ew adventures together.

  3. The pictures are so precious. I'm glad everything is going so smoothly. I'm hoping to be joining the baby train today :)

  4. So so cute! I'm so glad that adding Evie to the mix of life is going so well! Thanks for putting up pictures. Keep'em coming! Missing you 5!

  5. So sweet! Evie sure looks like your other kids too.



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