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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Whew!  It's been quite the weekend around here.  On Saturday, we were getting ready to leave the house for a fall festival at church, when I noticed that baby Evie seemed a bit warm.  I checked her temp and it was much higher than it should have been.  So my mom and Grandma packed up the kids and headed to the festival, while Max and I took Evie into the ER.  
They poked, prodded, stuck her with an IV, did a spinal tap and chest Xray, and she was admitted into the hospital with meningitis.  Poor little thing - it was hard to see her so upset as they did all the pokes and tests.  

That was Saturday evening.  At that point, it was mostly a waiting game, to find out if the cultures from the spinal tap would grow - if they did, it would show that it was bacterial meningitis, which would be treated with antibiotics, and she would remain in the hospital for a few more days.  If not, it would prove that it was viral meningitis, which there is not much they can do for, so they would send us home.  We waited the 48-hour mark, and nothing grew on the cultures, praise God.  
 We were sent home last night, after verifying the culture results.  Evie is doing well.  She still has a very low-grade fever, but seems back to her normal little self.  She eats great, makes lots of messy diapers and sleeps a lot - all things a wee babe should do!  We are so, so very thankful that my mom and Grandma are here, and that they so willingly stepped in and took care of L & Z for us - that was such a relief for us.  And for all the prayer and encouragement from our friends and family - we are so grateful for that.  I am incredibly thankful that we took Evie in, and that everything ended up being alright. Even though it wasn't incredibly fun having to be back in the hospital for a few days, I am glad she is doing well, and that it's not any more serious than it could have been.  
That being said, it is so wonderful being at home once again.  We are doing our best to rest, find a routine (although that probably won't fully happen until all our visitors have visited and it's just our little family...), and make sure Evie stays well.  

I think I spoke too soon last week when I said the kids were adjusting well.  Eliana is still doing great - probably because she is being spoiled like crazy from her Bibi and Great-Gma!!!  But Ezzy has been having a hard time - maybe with us being gone at the hospital, or maybe with baby Evie being here - but he has been in a bit of a funk the last week or so.  A lot of trying to control everything he can, saying a lot of NO's, and only wanting mama or daddy to do everything for him. He does great with Evie, but I think all this different stuff going on is definitely having an impact on his little world!

The rest of our week should hopefully be much less of an adventure.  Max goes back to work tomorrow, after having his paternity leave.  My mom and Grandma will be here, so we have a few fun things planned - and lots of help for me, which I am so grateful for!  

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  1. Oh my! SO glad baby Evie's getting better. My heart would have been so broken... Glad you have help for a while too!

  2. Poor baby!! I'm glad she's getting better though. I hope the big kids adjust to having her around soon.

    Random thought... you call the older ones L & Z... maybe this one is V? ;)

  3. awweee poor baby girl! I'm glad she's getting better. That must have been so scary.

  4. Praise the Lord for His healing and blessings. She is a beautiful addition to you wonderful family. Glad she is doing better. Prayers will continue for you and your family. Happy you had help. Lots of Love to all.

  5. I am so glad that she is going better!

  6. So glad Evie is doing better! I know it's so scary to have such a little one sick!

  7. Oh my goodness. I'm so sorry. I'm glad she's doing better and that you're all home. I'll be praying for her to continue to get better and for little man to adjust :( Lot's of hugs sweet Mama!!!

  8. :( Poor pumpkin! I'm glad that she is starting to do better. I hate that feeling when your baby isn't well.

  9. Poor baby, and poor mom and dad! So glad to hear that she is doing better!



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