Last week in photos.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Yeah, it's Monday, and I am sharing photos from last week.  Oh well.  I think I'll be a little behind with sharing my photos in the next few weeks.  And I'm totally ok with that!  

My mom (Bibi, to the kids) and grandma (we call her Gma) were here all last week.  We didn't get out on a lot of crazy adventures, but we had plenty of fun hanging out at home - Bibi and Gma sang lots of songs, read lots of books, changed lots of diapers, had lots of snuggles, and spoiled our kids (and us!) a whole lot.  It was a good week, and we were quite sad to see Gma leave this past weekend - she was such a help while she was here, and we all loved spending time with her!

One morning last week, my mom was getting ready, and L was "helping" her.  I heard them come down the stairs, with Bibi telling Eliana that they had to show mama something.  It happened to be L's face.  She had gotten ahold of my Bibi's mascara and had proceeded to swipe it all over her face.  She looked like a little kitty, ha!  Little stinker of a girl!
 Coloring at the table with Gma.  
Bathtime!  And Evie's very first "real" bath - she LOVED it!
Sweet sleeper.
 Hanging out with Bibi and Gma.  
Pipecleaner creations.  Snuggles with Evie.  Snacktime.  And mascara-kitty-faces.

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  1. What sweet family time. Family really is the best. I love the photos of the kids in the bath, how ridiculously cute!!! Your kids are beautiful, and I am so glad you are ok with being behind on sharing photos. We all understand that your life is busy with three precious little ones. Just enjoy the crazy newborn stage while it lasts, my friend! xoxo

  2. Family time is the best, it looks like everyone had a wonderful time. :)

  3. It looks like she's fitting in very well. :) How are you doing? I hope you're able to find some rest.

  4. Love the photos! It looks like you've been keeping busy (surprise surprise with a newborn haha). I love L's hair... Penny needs a haircut, she's probably getting one just like that.



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