12 in 2012. October Edition.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

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This will probably be short and sweet (and a few days later than usual), because there is a snuggly little babe waiting for me, but I still wanted to take the time to take account of my 2012 goals.  

1. Community Living: I started going to a Women's Bible Study at church last month.  I have missed a few weeks, due to Evie's birth/her meningitis hospital stay, but I am going.  And it's good.  I am slowly getting to know a few people - and am learning about myself in the process.

2. Physical Activity: Up until I gave birth 3 weeks ago, I was working out 4-5 times a week.  Since Evie has arrived, there has not been much activity, other than walking to the park a few days a week with L & Z.  I am excited to start working out again in a few weeks...

3. Read 15 books: I checked out a handful of books the week before Evie was born, in an attempt to distract myself from being anxious about when she would come, ha!  I was able to finish them while we had our meningitis hospital stay last weekend.  I think I have officially surpassed my 15 book goal by now!

4. Manual photography skills: nothing new here.

5. Outside walks/playtime: We've managed to get out a few times a week, to walk to the park, or to ride the trike/car around the block.  It has felt so good to stretch out my post-baby body, and to enjoy the cooler temps.

6. Creative and structured toddler activities: My mom has done a few organized activities with the kids, but other than that, nothing new to report here. 

7. Journal consistently: nothing new this month.

8. Date night 1x/month: Unless you count our time spent together at the hospital with Evie, we've been enjoying family time this month ;)

9. Grow a garden: This was a definite success this summer - and one I am quite proud of!  But my growing days are now done, and I "winterized" my flower beds mid-September.

10. 10 min/day of "be still and know" time: Since Evie arrived, this hasn't been happening as much - more because our routines have shifted (or are just in transition as we figure things out!).  I know once we get more adjusted and work out a routine as a family of 5, this time will come back on a more consistent basis - right now, it's more like when I have a few free minutes during the day.

11. Craft time: nothing new here.

12. Baby #3: She arrived!  Definite success on this goal!  

I know so many of my goals revolve around Evie and her birth this month, but I feel that's to be expected!  I am trying to soak up as much of this newborn stage as I can - and to enjoy these early days with a new baby in our house, as we transition to a family of 5!

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  1. You're doing great on the goals! It's understandable to be behind a little since the baby came.



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