You know you're ready to have your baby when... (a post re-visit)

Monday, September 24, 2012 takes you at least 5 minutes to roll over in bed at night and once you get to the side you wanted, you realize you have to pee and need to roll back over can't reach around your belly to wipe. Enough said. need a snack in between every meal take Zantac religiously at night so you don't wake up with terrible heartburn

...every time you get in the car you feel like you have to adjust the seat back to make more room for your belly. Don't even ask if my feet REALLY can reach the pedals anymore :) takes you twice as long to walk your "normal" walk around the block need a crane to get you out of an overstuffed chair wake up with an energy to clean the whole house one day and the next you feel like you are a walking zombie have to hoist your belly up over the counter ledge to reach the sink faucet

...your maternity pants feel too snug get asked almost everyday if you are sure you aren't having twins become overly hormonal and irritable, especially when your husband constantly asks you if it's time to go to the hospital (he only has the best intentions, of course!)

...your maternity shirts don't QUITE reach all the way over your belly

...your dad says your belly is so big that it resides in a different zip code take twice as long to walk up the stairs as the rest of your family try any number of crazy things to get the baby to come out are always trying to cover up the gap between your pants and your shirt in public really wish you could reach your toes to paint them one last time avoid any shoes with laces start playing "bumper belly" with your protruding belly

...when you sneeze or laugh too hard, you think your bladder is going to explode all over the floor

...your 1-year old son starts "banging" on your belly like it's a drum

...your belly itches because it's gotten so stretched out go to the bathroom at least every 10 minutes no longer walk places, but waddle everywhere

{I first wrote You know you're ready to have your baby when... around the time that I was due to give birth to Ezra.  I thought it would be fun to re-visit the post, and edit a few of the points, for the pregnancy.}

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  1. I am in agree-ance with every single one of these. the whole wiping thing, I admit, had me in tears. It's such a pain :) I know that baby will be here soon. I'm praying he/she will arrive before Mama gets too much bigger. Lot's of HUGS!!!

  2. Haha, wonderfull! I had forgotten some of those "oh-so-wonderfull" moments of final stage pregnancy. :P
    Hoping and praying that the little one will come out just at the right time and that everything will go great. All the best of luck from us here in Sweden! We are anxiously awaiting news of this newest addition to the growing cast A07 uppie-family.

  3. Get that baby out! I'm so excited lol

  4. Loved this post!! I was literally laughing out loud!! I am about 6 months along and I already agree with some of these! ;)



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