40 weeks // Baby #3

Friday, September 21, 2012

Yesterday, in case you weren't aware, was September 20.  The day baby #3 was "due".  The day which marked me being 40 weeks pregnant.  It is really not much of a surprise that the day has come and gone, with absolutely no sign of this little one...L was 10 days late, and Z was induced a week past his due date.  

Basically, it's just a waiting game at this point (obviously, haha!).  Either the little one decides to make an appearance in the next few days, or we will schedule an induction for the end of next week (so it can't cook in my belly terribly much longer and really become a gigantor baby...).  This is good.  This means that we WILL have a baby in the next week or so.  Which makes me very excited.  Max and I are getting so anxious to meet this little one and hold him/her.  

Max is particularly funny.  He's never been through a pregnancy with me - he was either at training/school or deployed for the others.  I can tell he is anxious about when this baby will come out.  Every day he comes home from work and asks if we are having a baby tonight.  It's endearing, and yet the constant questions are starting to get just a little irritating in my very pregnant, hormonal state.  I know - he is just super excited to greet our wee babe - which really is sweet.  

I feel uncomfortable.  I don't think I remember being this uncomfortable at the end of the other two pregnancies.  Lots of pelvic pressure and really hard time sleeping and frequent Braxton-Hicks contractions.  All normal pregnant things.  I also feel like a few weeks ago, I turned into a 12-year version of myself...my face started breaking out and I got very hormonal/emotional/irritable/grumpy.  Not to mention some of the 1st trimester nausea and food aversions have come back.  Again, all normal end-of-pregnancy stuff that can happen.  

I am just at the point where I am ready to have this little one out of my belly.  

Soon!  Woot!  Can't believe we only have a few more days as a family of 4!  

Baby #3: Please come out sooner rather than later...we are all very excited to meet you!

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  1. Oh my goodness! I have been away from blogging for sometime now and it seems like just yesterday you had your son! :) Congrats on your growing family girly!!

  2. Get that baby out! Though I think I guessed the 24th maybe... so not yet? :P

  3. Look on the bright side, at least your face waited to breaking out. Mine has been like that these whole 16 weeks, and I still have 24 to go!

  4. Baby time soon! Yay! :) Good luck!

  5. Almost here! Come on, little baby! You should make plans to do something big this week, because guaranteed he/she would decide to make an appearance on the day of those plans. Just a thought. ;)

  6. Btw, I love the song you've quoted from, in your header! One of my absolute favorites!

  7. Oh my goodness Kaylee! Are you sure youre not having twins?! Youre adorable.

  8. Look at that belly!! LOVE. =) I hope you get to meet your little one soon!! I can't wait to see the squishy newborn yumminess.

  9. So ready to see pictures and hear names! :)



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