The things she says. V.4.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

And I'm back, with another edition of the things L says.  Because I can't help myself.  She just cracks me up.  All the time.

L has a pair of dress-up shoes.  You know, the plastic, high-heeled princess shoes?  The kind that came with poofs of feathers and jewels?  Well, they have been worn and worn.  The feathers and jewels have long since fallen off, but she still loves clomping around in them and has made great attempts to wear them in public as much as possible lately.  It's cute.  The other day, she was walking around the house in them, when out of nowhere, the heel broke off one of them.  I knew this day was coming, as they are  plastic and she seriously wears them all the time.  She was quite dismayed that they broke and quickly ran over to show me her broken shoe.  She informed me that they needed to go the Doctor, so that they could get fixed.  I assured her that we could take them to the Doctor, but for now, we'd set them up on a chair.  About an hour later, I was getting ready to go to an Eye Dr appt, to check on my corneal ulcer.  I was walking out the door, and mentioned that I was headed to the Dr, and would be home soon:
L: Mama!  My shoe!
Mama: Yeah, L, it's broken.
L: (running to get it) You take it to the Dr!  Put it in your bag!
Mama: Well, I dunno...
L: No, you HAVE to take it to the Dr!  He'll fix it! Put it in your bag!
Mama: Ok...
So, what do I do?  Take it in my bag to the Doc.  Of course, I come home later with a still-broken shoe.  The first thing L does when she sees me is run up to me, asking me if her shoe is fixed.  I try to tell her that I saw an Eye Dr, and that he didn't know how to fix shoes.  She was a bit disappointed, but we quickly decided that we would ask Daddy to try to fix it later.  Too cute! I just got a kick out of her making me take it with me, haha!

L: Mama!  I am going to eat that Toucan!
Mama: Uh...
L: That toucan!  I am going to eat it!
Mama: What?!
(L points to a pecan on the floor.)
Mama: Ooooh!  A PE-can!  You are going to eat that pecan!?
L: Yep!
(I might have been laughing hysterically inside...)

A few days ago, L went out to the store with Max, to pick up a few things.  She comes running in the door when they get home, holding a plastic bag up in her hand...
L: Mama!  Mama!  We got you more Q-tips!!
Mama: Um... (looking at Max for help...they went for beer and nothing else...)
L: Yeah, more Q-tips, Mama!
Mama: Oh, really?  Q-tips?
L: Yeah, look!
She pulls out a box of chocolates.
L: Q-tips, Mama!
Mama: Oh!  You got me chocolates?!
L: Yeah!
Don't really know how she got Q-tips confused with chocolates, but I will definitely take chocolates over Q-tips any day!

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  1. That is so funny. Is it bad I look forward to these posts?



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