Oh how my garden grows!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hello friends!  Welcome to my little garden - I am so excited to show you around today!  Once upon a time, I honestly asked a dear friend how one can see God's glory in gardening - and oh man alive, has He proved himself over and over on that one.  I see and feel God so clearly in His creation - in getting my hands dirty, in watching flowers bloom, in finding little creatures crawling (even if they startle me!), in turning the soil.  

I am definitely not much of a gardener yet, and we only have a small front flower bed here.  I have a lot to learn, and a lot to improve upon, but my flowers and my plants are growing and producing, and that makes me proud!  So, let me briefly show you around!

Here is a shot of the front our home.  Nothing too crazy or exciting, but if you look close, you'll find small pops of flowers and little yard ornaments.
I potted a few begonias a few weeks ago, and they are one of my favorites so far // I bought dahlias last year and was pleasantly surprised when they grew and started blooming again this year - I was sure I had killed them off (I don't always have the "greenest thumb" when it comes to plants!) // Max picked out daisies for a little area, and I LOVE them // our hanging flower baskets, which are usually overflowing with pretty blooms
 My dear husband has a certain affinity for lawn ornaments, so we have acquired a few.  And shockingly, I am quite smitten with them.  We got him the little gnome last year for Daddy's day // a "Jonah" whale from this spring - L helped pick it out // a colorful lizard and fish from my dear Mama on my birthday
 Oh am I ever proud of these plants!  My tomato plant and my herbs.  I planted basil, thyme, parsley, mint, cilantro, and dill this year, and they are all doing very well.  We have been enjoying fresh herbs in our meals and drinks lately - it's way too much fun!  And just this week, my tomato plant started popping out some beautiful tomatoes!  I am so happy it's doing so well!  
A super cute wind chime - another bday present from my sweet Mama.
And there you have it.  Our little garden.  It's not much, but it's enough for now.  I am learning a lot (oh, and shout-out to Brandice, who helps me with my gardening question!), and having fun watching things grow and thrive.  It's been a process, and I can't wait to keep working on my gardening skills!

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  1. Gardening is so fun! Your little space looks so cozy and bright...I love the added characters.

  2. It looks great! Thanks for reminding me to go water my garden. I have tomatoes growing and I don't want them to die!

  3. we decided not to do a veggie garden this year because of the "unkown" but man how I am missing it!

  4. It looks good!
    I have no green thumb. I planted some flowers in our front planter and they are barely alive. Although that could be because our dog pees on them all the time.

  5. Look at the garden! You make me so proud, you little green thumb you! Did you replant the herbs or did they go ahead and shoot up? And your tomato plant looks so happy! Aren't you just loving this! I have a new tip for you. Save your egg shells, bake them a little to dry them out, break and add to the soil for the tomatoes. It helps add calcium and with blossom end rot.



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