The little things: coloring, birdbaths & tents.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

A few snapshots of some our days in the last week or so: 

Morning color time.  
Goofy dog.  Seriously.
 Ezzy woke up from his nap before L, so we had some mama-son bonding time outside.  He mostly admired the new, super-cute birdbath that his Daddy got me for my birthday.
A tent we set up one morning. They really like dragging books inside and reading.  It's cute.
What precious moments I get to spend with my babes.  These small wonders, these little things, are truly what make my days go round.  May I continue to learn to soak them in, and be ever thankful.

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  1. Tents are the best cure for any rough patch at our house. Simply whispering the word stirs up loads of excitement. I'm so glad yall are enjoying your little moments together.

  2. Ezzy and the bird bath.. so cute! The little moments are the greatest.



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