There was this one time that I blogged frequently...

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

...and apparently now is not that time.  I gotta be honest here.  I'm having a hard time making time for blogging.  And it's kind of making me go nuts.  You see, I really enjoy blogging and sharing our lives, my thoughts, our stories.  It helps me process, decompress, remind myself that I am not alone or in seclusion.  But in the last few weeks, our daily schedules have been a-changing.  I stopped staying up when Max left for work.  I slink back upstairs after I shut the door after him, crawl into my still-warm bed, and fall blissfully back to sleep for another hour or so.  My pregnant body needs that extra sleep time.  Not only that, but I've been weaning Ezzy off his two naps a day...he's down to taking only one, longer afternoon nap with L.  Which is going great, except that I have more entertaining to do in the morning.  And less time to blog.  All this to say, I can tell that I miss blogging.  A lot.  And need to find time to do it.  Or I really might implode.  I need the space to have "mama" time, and usually blogging is that time.  See, after that rant, I am already starting to feel better...

All that to say that the pictures may not be making as much of an appearance, until I can figure out this whole schedule, and making "me" time fit in better.  Downloading pictures, editing, all takes time.  And as much as I LOVE sharing that aspect of our lives, I have to let it go just a little bit right now.  Oh well.  One day I'll find my sweet blogging groove again.  I had high hopes of sharing photos from this weekend a day ago, and they are still nowhere near a computer.  Whatevs.

Coltan and Tanya, Max's brother and sister-in-law, came to visit this past weekend.  We LOVED having them here for a few days.  We took a trip to the beach, fried a chicken, had a lot of playtime with the kids, saw The Hunger Games, relaxed, and enjoyed their company.  Of course, the guys went out one night and got tattoos.  I'll have to take a picture of Max's soon.  It's a fun one, and oh so fitting for him!  We seriously had a blast having them here, but only wish they could have stayed a few days longer.  L was in love with her Auntie Tanya, and she has been carrying around a Rapunzel doll (from Tangled), that her Uncle Coltan gave to her, ever since she got it.  It's cute.

I had a Dr appointment today to check on Baby #3.  I will be 16 weeks on Thursday.  Everything is looking great.  They had me take an early glucose test, because Ezzy had been such a huge baby (over 10 lbs!), but I passed it, so that was good news!  Heard the little heartbeat, which always puts a huge smile on my face.  And I have been feeling some movement for the last week or so, which also brightens my day in a huge way.  I am convinced that this baby is a girl, but Max is convinced it's a boy - needless to say, we have a good time trying to convince each other what it is, ha!  It's been fun thinking through names again.  We have some narrowed down, but I'm sure they'll change, so I'll share in a few weeks when we are more certain!  My belly is starting to pop out, so pictures will start coming soon!

Max has the PRK procedure (it's similar to Lasik, but slightly different...) this week, which we are all excited about.  He has terrible vision, so we are excited that he's getting his eyes corrected, and will no longer need glasses or contacts.  From what we've heard, the healing time is longer than with Lasik, so he'll be stuck laying around for a few days, but oh well.  The kids and I can take care of him well!

My brain is starting to turn off.  I think it's past my bedtime...or I am just pregnant and need my beauty rest.

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  1. I agree about the blogging - it is hard to find time but so worth it :)

  2. Blogging is such a great outlet. Hope you get lots of sleep, and can't wait to see photos! :)

  3. I know that itch. It's sometimes annoying because you really want to sit and just pour out onto your blog..but you can't. :( You just keep going at it. Take your time, get that extra sleep. We'll be here. :)

  4. I hear ya - you get super busy! Keep resting when you can and come back and share with us stories when you have time ;)

  5. I've been having the same trouble finding time for blogging lately. I absolutly love to do it, but it just seems there is never enough time in the day. I keep telling myself that once Summer break is here I will get back into the groove of things. We'll see!
    That extra sleep when pregnant is so important for you though so it's good that you are getting some of it in the mornings:)



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