New Addition.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Last night felt a little like a birthday or holiday where presents are involved (and even sort of looked like it too!), because we got a big package in the mail...
 After drooling over an iMac for the past years, we were able to purchase one this month!   
My current laptop has a very old operating system, so we are having a lot of fun playing around, and getting used to our new desktop - it is definitely an exciting new addition around here!

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  1. Oh! You'll have to let me know how you like it. We've got an imac crush and I'm thinking we'll be splurging here soon.

  2. you are going to LOVE your mac!! enjoy the newness:-)

  3. Computer envy, I haz it.

    Fo realz.


    But seriously, that is awesome.. I hope you have fun with it!!!

  4. Kaylee-Boo, Woohoo! Glad you're able to get an iMac. I told your mom to look for the iWork software & send it to you. Enjoy!!!
    papa d

  5. So exciting that it came!!! I hope you and Max have fun with the new {and updated} computer and the kids have fun with the box! ;)

  6. I love my Mac! We do all Apple products in this house haha

  7. Very cool! I've wanted one of those for so long...but I just don't seem to be able to convert my husband to a Mac user. Someday :) Have fun with it!



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