A Random, Numbered List on a Wednesday Evening.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

1. I have been entirely un-motivated this week.  I have a serious lack of inspiration.  Hence the miscellaneous, random posting as of late.

2. My parents left Monday and today (Papa D, and then Mama D, respectively), after a lovely visit.  It was fabulous having them here.  Although I regret to say that I did not take one single photo while they were here.  8 days and zero photos?  Yes, it's true.  I am sad.  Epic fail on my part.  

3.  We made this General Tso's Chicken recipe from The Culinary Couple.  It turned out really good.  The recipe is now added to my 'to-make-again' list.  

4.  Did you know if you run out of Bounce sheets for the dryer, or just don't feel like buying them, you can throw in a slightly balled-up piece of Tin Foil?  And it will keep most of the static out?!  It's true!  I've been doing it, and it works!  Google it!

5.  I really like Peanut-Butter M&M's.  Mmhmmm.  Yep.

6.  I go to sleep really early when Max is gone.  As in, I am in bed by 9:00PM.  I feel kind of funny, but I get tired and I miss my husband, so I just go to bed.  Probably because in my head, that makes the next day come sooner and that means he'll be home sooner.  See, it makes some sense!  Right?!

7.  Lucy the Basset Hound (that really obnoxious hound we own...yeah, that one...) turned 1-year old last week.  I forgot about it until today.  I'm a bad doggie owner.  Happy belated Birthday to our goofy, crazy, attention-seeking Lucy.  

8.  Is it weird that the most random phrases or sentences trigger whole quotations of children's books in my head?  I guess that means we read a lot of books.  And that we read a lot of the same books, ha!

9.  We sang this song in church on Sunday, and I canNOT get it out of my head.  I am constantly humming it or singing it.  I guess I needed to ruminate on it this week.  

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  1. I love peanut butter m&m's. I love home made take out. I never remember my dogs birthdays. And I agree on the going to bed when hubs is gone. Mmm I really want general tso's chicken!!

  2. So glad you had a great visit, but boo on no pictures! I forget to take pictures so often these days. So sad.

  3. I love random! General Tso's chicken is so yummy. My hubs favorite! Bed time can never come too early :) Especially for us Mamas...

  4. Uh I've been so unmotivated lately too. Specifically, blogging. I'm stuck. haha Poopy!
    Let's share some M&M's!



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