Diapers, dog bowls & rugs.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sometimes I feel like I need a vacation.  And this morning has been one of those times.

The kids woke up a little later than usual, which was great, as they haven't been feeling so well.  And they were both raring with energy, which I was thankful for.  They ran underfoot while I made them eggs and toast for breakfast, they gobbled up everything I put in front of them at the table, and then they raced out of their highchairs to play in the pots and pans cupboard once they were done.  I even convinced them to help me fold clothes and hang up diapers.  It was a good morning, full of energy and lots of happy playtime.  Ezzy started to get fussy around 9, so I mentioned the word "nap", and he ran to the stairs...pretty good indication that he's ready for sleep, ha ha!  I had to rinse something out at the sink, but I heard them by the stairs.  Or so I thought.

I turned around from the sink to catch Ezzy pulling wet diapers off the rack (we had just put them up to dry), and I shout out his name, to try to stop him.  He was so focused on what he was doing, that my call startled him, he did a little toddle backwards, and fell straight down into the dog water dish.  Which I had just filled almost all the way full for Lucy.  His butt was entirely in the water, and he was just sitting there, staring at me, with the confiscated diapers in hand.  I am standing, with my jaw hanging open at this point.  I start to giggle inside, because his eyes are as big as saucers and he is trying to get himself out of the water bowl.  There is water everywhere, diapers strewn everywhere and then I turn around.  To find L standing behind me, holding a rolled-up rug in her arms.  A rolled-up rug!  Since when have my children EVER picked up the floor rugs??!  And yet, there she stands, holding a rug.  Why?  I have no idea.  I bust out laughing at this point.  It's just too comical.  My son's butt is dripping wet with water that is now all over the floor, and my daughter is holding a rug that she for, whatever reason, felt the need to roll-up, pick up and bring to me.

I am still laughing about all of this.

I make sure Ezzy is ok, put the rug back, get the babes upstairs, change Ezzy who is sopping wet, and get him in bed for a nap.  At this point, I am feeling tired again, because all I can think is that if our day continues on like this, I am in for quite a ride, ha ha!!  I shut the door behind me, with L (who plays during Ezzy's morning nap), and she runs to my bedroom door, excitedly telling me to put my workout clothes on for Yoga.  Really?!  I'm going to workout now?!  At least she knows what's good for me, right?!  

Oh my children, and the adventures that we have together.

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  1. lol! Too cute! Sounds much too like some of my mornings. :)

  2. This sounds like a great morning. I love it when the most random things happen that bring a laundry basket full of laughter to surface.

  3. Ah I hear ya! Half the time I'm so ready for a morning nap too!

  4. Thank you for the great smile today. I can just see Z sitting there:) Keep telling your story - it brings joy to many!!
    Hugs - Mama D

  5. This post made me cackle! Sounds so much like many of my mornings! Most of the time all you can do is laugh at the insanity! :)

  6. Haha! Sounds like one of those mornings that is perfect and makes you really appreciate your kids and life in general :) I hope the rest of the day was as fun as the morning!



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