A visit from Auntie Aimee, part two.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

The last few days of Auntie Aimee's visit were filled with beach trips, Chick-fil-A picnics, more potty training, baking artichoke bread, and enjoying her company.  

One afternoon, the sun started to come out, so we piled into the car and drove up to Emerald Isle to walk on the beach.  Aimee and L walked up and down, playing in the water.  Z toddled around, picking up shells and rocks.  And then L started chasing birds (like father, like daughter, right?!)
We encouraged L to give Z a hug, and this is what ensued:
 Yeah, we laughed...it was just too funny and they weren't hurt.  We enjoyed being out of the house, wading in the ocean (ok, so only L and Aimee waded in, but still!) and being in the sun.
 The day after our first beach excursion, we decided we needed to go to the beach again, this time taking a Chick-fil-A (per Aimee's request!) picnic with us.  I didn't get any pictures of our picnic, because...well, we ate it all too fast...but it was good and we had yet another fun afternoon walking along the water, collecting shells and rocks (and trying to teach Z NOT to eat them!), wading in the water, and enjoying the warm sun.
Auntie Aimee was so awesome in getting L going with her potty-training.  I never could have done it without her.  SO thankful to have good friends willing to sit in the bathroom for HOURS with my girl, patiently waiting for her to "go" in the potty!  This picture was taken while skyping with Auntie Abby - of course, L had to show her how she could put her pee in the potty, ha!
We loved having Auntie Aimee here for a visit, and miss her already.  The house sure has been quiet around here, as Max is off on an exercise for a few weeks.  After having visitors all month long, it certainly is an adjustment to just being me and the babes.  I am looking forward to this week, when my parents come out for a visit, before they embark on their big move to Tucson!

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  1. What a fun visit! The trips to the beach look so awesome and I love the hug! I would have laughed too :) Such cute kiddos!

  2. That hug looks like many hugs that occur around our house! So precious!!

  3. Wow, Millie needs to live by a beach! :)



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