Random, as of late.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Remember how one of my 11 in 2011 goals is to take pictures/capture memories?  I've been doing alright, trying to grab my camera more often and capture simple, everyday events that happen.  Not only have I been able to record random things that occur, but I have the opportunity to use my camera more (and practice taking better photos!).  
So, today, here are some randoms from the past week:
Sometimes L likes to "hide" all her food in the pocket of her bib.  Sometimes she does this when she doesn't want to eat something, and sometimes she does it when she DOES want to eat something.  Ha! I made nachos with homemade refried beans for lunch last week.  And she "hid" them.  For awhile at least...until she took them all back out again and started eating them.  Silly girl!
 Pile-up on Daddy.
 This picture makes me smile.  My men, folding clothes for me.  Made my day, that's for sure!
 L put my boots on.  I may have laughed watching her walk around.
 Typical playtime scene at our house. 
Ok, that's all the random I have today.  The kids woke up at 0545 today and the last few nights have been rough (L has been sick) and not very sleep-filled, so my brain is foggy.  Bah.  Who needs sleep?  
Better go make some lunch for a sick-whiny toddler and a little boy-child with an endless appetite...

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  1. Max is folding clothes!?! What a loving husband! Love the pics. Our lives are lived in random so it's perfect to see all the daily stuff!

  2. Em had those bibs when she was younger..those things rock! That's so funny she hides food in there.

    So stylish in those boots!!

    And the boys doing laundry? Adorable.

  3. oh she looks just like you :)

  4. Those are great photos and memories!

  5. Hope she feels better!

    Those pictures are the best kind- just every day life. I love her nacho-stash!



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