Our day after Christmas {by the hour}

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I saw a blog post a few months ago, where they took a picture every hour throughout their day, and then posted them, as a summary of their day.  For whatever reason, it totally caught my eye, and I've had it in mind to do it ever since.  I think I like the challenge to keep my camera around every hour, and to find photos to snap that accurately describe what our day is like.  Anyway, I decided that yesterday, the day after Christmas, I would document our entire day, by the hour.  I think this might be something I do on a semi-regular basis...

Our house might run on coffee.  Just sayin.
L, coloring a picture with her brand-new markers.
I was gazing at the trunk Max got (and is restoring!) for me.  
He is going to polish all the hardware up, paint the wood a deep purple/black, and re-stain the slats.
It's going to be awesome.
Playtime with the babes.
Relaxing in the chair with the pillow I made for Max, for our anniversary.
Afternoon coffee.  Like I said, our house might run on coffee.
Baby Connor comes for a visit.
L and daddy watch The Lion King.
I find Lucy sitting in a kid chair, out on the porch.  What a goofball.

After dinner dish pile-up.
Bathtime, complete with bubbles and bath crayons.
Prayers with daddy before bed.
Flickering candles on the counter while I clean up and do laundry.
Yeah...about that paint spill...totally my fault!  Whoops!  
We were working on a project for the kids, and I dumped black paint all over.
Good thing my husband loves and me cleaned it up for me.  
Crash on the couch, completely engrossed in watching episodes of Lost, forgetting about the camera.
The end of our day after Christmas.

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  1. This is a fun idea! I think I'd totally forget to document on the hour, haha.

  2. Such a cute idea. I loved seeing your day. I love that you drink Guatemalan coffee too :)

  3. Aw so fun, I love the picture documenting! I absolutely love that trunk, it's amazing! Where did you get it? I love old things.. they're just so cool and full of character. I have an old trunk too that I found on Craigslist. My husband makes fun of me for it... He just doesn't appreciate my vintage style ;-)

  4. How fun! Sounds like a wonderful Christmas. I love the photo of the dog!

  5. I've always loved seeing these posts, and yours was great! That bedtime prayers picture is one of the sweetest ever.



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