Hair today, gone tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

1. Ezra got his first haircut today.  It has been getting so long and poofy - I could pull the wispy pieces in back into a little ponytail, so I decided it needed to go!  
2. Sorry for the semi-blurry/people not looking at the camera photos - it is hard taking pictures of squirmy little 1-year olds!
3.  I guess I just like writing in lists tonight.  Oh, and I can't get enough Ghirardelli Peppermint Bark squares.  Good thing they don't carry them all year long...
4. Before his very first big-boy haircut...
5. Max cut his hair with the clippers.  I suppose it is only fitting that Ezra got a haircut similar to his daddy, and that his daddy was the one to do it.  Makes me smile :)
6. After his haircut.  I am so happy all his wispy hairs are gone - I have been giving him all sorts of funny nicknames lately, so I'm kinda sad they don't fit anymore, but I think he looks very sharp.  Plus, he matches his daddy!
7. The Z man did awesome getting his first haircut.  
8.  My brain is turning off now, it's been a long day. G'night.

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