Early Saturday morning.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Much to our dismay, the babes woke up at 0545 this morning.  We sure were hoping they would get the 'it's-saturday-and-that-equals-sleeping-in' memo, but it seems that ever since the time change a few weeks ago, they have been waking up earlier and earlier!  And this, coming from two babes who used to sleep until 0800, is kind of disgruntling to a tired mama and daddy!  Oh well, what else can you do, except make the most of an early Saturday morning...

...with lots of dark hot cocoa mix and coffee...
...and hot corn pancakes, topped with triple berry syrup...
...putting Lady and the Tramp in...
 ...catching a few extra minutes of sleep while pretending to watch said movie...
...imprisoning my child to keep him out of the fridge ...
...allowing my kid to play in his chair...
...watching a little blond boy throw his toys off his tray, 
and chuckling at his big sister running around trying to pick them all up...
 ...reading up on fish stuff...
It certainly was a much earlier morning that we could have expected,
but we enjoyed our quiet, coffee-filled family time.  
Hope your Saturday is lovely.

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  1. We ended up sleeping until 6:30, which is sleeping in at this house. It's been nice!

  2. We've been lucky and our daughter has been sleeping in until 9 am every morning!

  3. :) As much as I'm glad Millie tends to sleep in, there is something really sweet about your morning.

    I hope you get another nap in today!

  4. I hope the rest of your day went smooth. I know naps are my favorite thought when morning comes too swiftly.
    Sweet luvins friend!

  5. Ok, first, I love that the movie is a VHS! I still have all of mine and Austin makes fun of me because I still watch them. Second, I love that your children make up games and play together. Third, I love you Hanson family so much!!!



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