Z almost-walks.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

How did the Z man get so big?!  It's crazy to think that he'll be 1-year old in a month!  He is not one for sitting still at ALL!  He is all over the place, all the time.  Mostly he sticks to crawling at a maniac speed, but occasionally, he'll walk around furniture, usually stopping to bounce up and down every few steps (he's just a happy baby and gets so excited about life!).  And he'll push the little "bug car" around for awhile before getting it stuck against the wall or in the corner, ha!  It's so fun (and a bit surreal!) for us to see him "walking" behind something and knowing that soon, he'll be taking his first steps!
Yep, he's wearing suspenders.  I can't help it, I think they are way too cute.  He looks like a little baby version of an old man and I think it's great!  

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  1. EeeeEEe!!!! What a cute little guy! Your pics always make me so happy!! I forgot how close our little ones are in age! So fun!

  2. I almost died when I saw that kid in suspenders! So cute!

  3. Oh goodness those smile and those suspenders, completely adorable!!!

  4. You read my mind -dad and I were just talking about and wondering if Z was walking yet! Love him in his suspenders!

  5. Love love love the suspenders!! He does look like a little old man! lol

  6. oh my goodness..little suspenders!

  7. Just found your blog -- so cute and not to mention you some adorable children!! I can't wait to read more :)


  8. Those suspenders are the best. :)
    Millie will cruise on furniture and walk with a walker toy too, but she's not walking yet. I thought for sure she would be by 14 months.



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