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Sunday, October 02, 2011

L likes to copy me in many different ways.  And she is especially fond of trying to copy me using machines/ computer, my phone, my camera, etc.  I thought it would be fun to make her a camera, so she could take "pictures" of her own.  

I used an empty box, stuck an empty paper towel tube through it and covered it with duct tape (classy, I know!).  Then I drew on a few features with a sharpie marker.  I also put a ribbon onto it, so that she can wear it around her neck.  L's camera may not be high-tech or light-up or overly creative or perfect, but it was free, simple and fun to make - and she LOVES it!  She walks around with it, pointing it at various items/things/people, saying "cheese!".  It's way cute! 

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  1. Such a cute idea! I love it. I totally want to do this for Millie.

  2. OMWord cute! Homemade is the best! and what a great idea!

  3. SO cute. Em has a kid camera from Toys R Us and is constantly taking pictures of things, "like mommy" she says.

  4. I love how she turns the camera at different angles for different pics - so funny! And what a mini-me of YOU! Hugs from MN



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