Autumn Decorations.

Friday, October 21, 2011

A few weeks ago, I posted some pictures of crafts I'd been working on.  There are a few that are still works-in-progress and one that will be revealed in a soon-to-be post, but for today, I wanted to share three of my latest Autumn decorations.  

I took an old coffee bean bag, that Max picked up a few years ago and was just folded up in the corner of our front closet.  I cut it up and made a few different projects with it.  

The first is a table runner.  I cut it to the size I wanted, sewed around the entire outside (to keep straggly burlap pieces from fraying any further) and added a simple ruffle (in fabric I also had in the closet!) on either end.  It was easy and I had it finished in 30 minutes.  It's definitely not perfect, but it's pretty and I love how it looks!  I also had a pumpkin-shaped glass bowl that I bought a few years ago on clearance.  I took the kids across the street and had L collect pinecones one morning - she thought it was great fun, and I had plenty of pinecones to fill up the bowl, in a matter of minutes :)

The second project I worked on, using the old coffee bag, was some burlap-like bunting to hang around the house.  I made a much longer one to hang up in the stairwell, and then made this shorter one, with leftovers, to hang on the mirror by the front door!  
It was also very easy!  
I cut out squares in the size I wanted, sewed around 3 sides (once again, to keep straggly pieces from fraying further), and then folded the 4th side down over a piece of twine (instead of trying to thread the twine through later!) and sewed across the top!  Voila!  Coffee bag bunting!  I re-purposed an old coffee bag AND made some cute decorations that make me smile!
The final thing I made, repurposing the coffee bag, was a new wreath for the front door, since I love to switch those babies up so often!  I cut part of the bag into strips, wrapped (and hot glued) them around a wreath form, then made some rosettes out of some fabric scraps and glued them on!  Beautiful!  I love it!
I am super happy with how my projects turned out and even more excited that I took something that was just sitting in the closet and re-used it!  Woot! Happy Autumn!

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  1. love it all! You are so creative and handy:-)

  2. Love the wreath! I wish I was crafty :)

  3. I love the table runner!! I've been wanting to make one myself but recently got discouraged from sewing, so I haven't even touched my machine :(

  4. Cute, I especially love the wreath!

  5. Love! All of it! I keep seeing the wreaths and I LOVE them. You are so crafty!



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