MN, week numero uno, in pictures.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Oh MN, how I love thee.
Checking out the chickens at Grandma Judy's and Grandpa Tom's.
L was a bit afraid of them at first, until her Daddy taught her to chase them with sticks, ha ha!
Oh, and isn't it funny how much Z and Max look alike?  Bald heads and all?!
 Max and I got a date morning.  
We hit up a favorite Minneapolis coffee shop for coffee, delicious treats and fun conversations.
I love my husband.  And I love dates with him. 
 Max and I picked up flowers from my Grandma, to take to good friends, to use at their wedding.
Hydrangeas are so beautiful.
 My mom rolled L's hair into curlers after her bath.
We had high hopes she would have curly hair for the wedding we were attending.
It didn't turned out as planned, but it was still fun!
 Our little Ezzy, at the wedding reception.
He was blowing bubbles, hence the lips.
I made his little bow-tie (don't mind the stains on his shirt - he likes to make messes!!!)
 The newlyweds and friends.
The Groom grew up with all these lovely people (well, minus the Bride and I!).
I heard some good stories about my husband this night :)
Babu blowing bubbles for L and Z last week.
 Babu and Bibi, with their grandbabies.
Babu was blowing bubbles for L, who would chase them all around.
Then, she found a rock (it was definitely dagger-like) and began popping the bubbles.
It was hysterical.
We've been having a great time.
I can hardly believe that we have less than a week here!
I have loads more pictures to share.
We've visited the Zoo, played with lots of friends, gone shopping, spent time with family.
I went to a bridal shower, went with my cousin to try on wedding dresses and spent quality time, sans kids, with dear friends.
We have a busy week ahead - filled with swimming, baking, lunch-going, wedding preparations, parties, dancing and much celebrating!  
I can't promise I'll be back posting much this week, but will try to get more pictures up as soon as possible!!!

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