Cute mischievous faces. And flowers.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Just some random pictures taken over the last week.
I finished folding clothes a few days ago, turned around and found the following scene.
My sweet babes had been up to some mischief.  
It made me laugh.
 Daddy's home!
And he becomes a giant climbing/jungle gym!
Oh!  And you can see the artwork/pictures I have hung on the wall!
 My sweet little man. Rawr.
 Cutting some fresh flowers (that I grew!) and sticking them on the table made me extremely happy.
Oh, and we re-used baby food jars as vases.  Sweet, huh?!
 Bwa ha ha!  I know it's not funny, he's crying, but STILL!
How can I take him seriously when he's just so cute when he cries!?!
 Playing together.  
I think I took this one before we took our MN trip.
I am loving how L and Z play together so well sometimes.
It's cute and makes my heart happy.

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  1. Love those two little faces!

    Oh, and the baby food jar vases? Perfection.

  2. I want to come visit. I miss you guys!



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