11 in 2011. July Edition.

Monday, July 11, 2011

(Image from Dani @ Hard Corps Love)

How did it already get to be July?!  
Seriously, most days it feels like I am just going about my sweet business, then BAM!
I'm reminded how fast time really is flying by!
Pretty soon, Max will have been home for 6 months.
That's crazy!
It feels so NORMAL to have him here with us, like he was never away :)

Anyways, onto the task at hand...my 11 goals for 2011.  
I know, this is pretty boring, but it's great for me to keep track of where I'm at - reflection is good!
Here goes nothing:

1. Read 12 new books.
Well, I think I've read 3 so far.
This one needs some work in the next few months.
It's not that I don't want to read or that I don't have books to read, it's always finding time to read.

2. Try 2 new recipes.
As usual, this one is still going well.

3. Lose the "baby house" weight.
I am still working out almost every day!
I'm working on it!

4. Read (at least) one chapter in the Bible every day.
The fact that I have to honestly say I haven't done this the majority of the month resounds heavy in my heart - for I know that I desperately need the time spent reading God's word, and that no excuse or reason should be good enough to keep me away from doing so.
I was talking to Max about why we don't do it together and we both agreed that we need/want to.
I am eager to do this with him - we just need to make the time to do so, and begin to form that habit.

5. Tell my babes I love them every.single.day.
Yep. Stellar. Love them and they hear it!

6. Grow something green.
My plants are still growing!
And my flowers are still growing!
And our indoor plant is still alive!
And the little marigold seeds that I planted are blooming!
I love it!

7. Get outside and walk every day.
I think the heat has made me forget that this is one of my goals, ha!
We don't get out in the mornings anymore, because by the time we finish breakfast, it's usually already 85 degrees or hotter, and I am a pansy.
But, it's a rare occasion that we don't get outside after dinner.
We take Lucy to the dog park, and then walk around the block, chatting and enjoying the breeze.
It's lovely.

8. Use less. Conserve more.
We need to get our compost back up and going. Yes.
Does it count that we went to the farmer's market this weekend?
And that we've been eating the fruits and veggies we bought there?
We love fresh and local produce!

9. Take more pictures. Capture everyday moments. Record more video.
Doing alright on this one.
The biggest thing I still want to work on is pulling out the video camera and turning it on...

10. Spend less. Save more.
What does it mean when you are still spending less, but aren't saving exponentially more?
Hmmm, this goal is one we continually have to work on and are working on.
We have a trip to MN soon, and I foresee some spending costs coming up.

11. Be more intentional.
I know this one is not easily measured.
Some days I feel like I am really being intentional with my time, my relationships, my self, my tasks.
And other days, I look back and realize that I wasn't at all.

There it is.
The update on my 11 in 2011 goals for July.
I have made some improvement in a few areas, and there is still much improvement to be made in others!

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  1. I love your goal about being intentional. I love how since it isn't easy measured, you really do have to think about it and dwell on whether you were or not.

    Good job on working out too - how is the sugar fast going?



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