Pink Baby Toes and Puppy Playmates.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

L has been boycotting her afternoon nap.
Sometimes she sits in her bed and reads books (and sings!) to her stuffed llama.
And sometimes I let her hang out with me.
She helps me clean or she colors or she plays quietly.
But the other day, I really wanted to paint my toenails.
And of course, she wanted hers done too!
So we sat on my bathroom floor and I had her watch me do mine.
Then I did her little tiny, toddler toes.
And made her sit there, while I held the blowdryer (on cool!) over her painted toes, until they were dry.
She was so proud of herself and of her little pink toes!
I must say, it's way too cute.

Later in the week, after she had spent her time reading in her bed, she was ready to get up.
So, as Z finished his afternoon nap, L and I sat out on the porch.
She climbed all over the rocking chairs, played with the decorative shells, and goofed around with Lucy.

I was sitting in the rocking chair, my thoughts drifting.
As I turned my head around to check on L - oh! 
There was Lucy, sitting in the chair next to L.

It made me laugh SO hard!
Lucy must think she's a little human.

And then L had enough. 
And decided that Lucy was NOT a human, but a dog.
And dogs don't belong on chairs!
And off Lucy went.

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  1. That is so cute. My dog does things like that thinking he's a person!

  2. Love her little toes! My dog sits in chairs all the time, it cracks me up!

  3. Sweetness! Is it weird that I can't wait until I deem Millie old enough to paint her nails? I think it'll be so cute!

  4. That is fantastic!! Those pics made my day :)



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