Swatting Flies.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Yesterday, I was doing something in the kitchen.
The babes were playing in the living room.
Ezzy on the floor, chilling with the toys.
L, pushing her baby doll around.

All of a sudden, L came running around the corner with a concerned look on her face.
She looks at me, points up at the refrigerator and says something to me.
I, of course, can't fully interpret what she's saying.
But I quickly understand that she wants the fly swatter on top of the fridge.
I hand it to her, she shakes her head yes and runs back around the corner.

I follow her, intrigued.
She heads right over to the window, where she goes to work...

Oh what's that, Ezzy boy?!
Yeah, your sister's just swatting flies!

Checking to see if she got them all.

What a good helper (and imitator!!!) Ms. L is!!

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