Porch Makeover!

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Life has been super busy the past few weeks!
Having my parents here to visit was awesome and we enjoyed spending time with them.
We said farewell to Papa D on Saturday and Mama D left yesterday evening.

Not only did we enjoy their company, but they also spoiled us rotten!
Max and I were able to go out a few times while they were here.
We saw a movie, got dessert and coffee, went out to dinner and ran a few errands together.
It was fantastic and so fun to just have some Max-Kaylee time!
And the kids were spoiled by all the attention and quality playtime.

My parents also helped me with some projects around the house, that I've wanted to get done.
AND they blessed me with some lovely birthday gifts!

They got us rocking chairs to go out on our porch!  
The rockers are SO awesome and we've already enjoyed some good times in our pretty porch.
We also got some curtains up the porch to help make it feel more like another room.
And to add some privacy.
It's fun getting to know the neighbors, but our windows look right into one another.
So we wanted to close up the space just a bit.

The porch when we first moved in. 
Empty and boring.

Shell and candle details.
These live on our new side table.

Rocking chair.

Grommet (is that the right word?!) detail.

Curtain knot. 

There are also curtains along the left side.
We left the right side open, to look out into our tiny backyard.

The curtains are perfect.
Light and airy, they add just the right amount of privacy, without making it feel like we are shutting ourselves away from the world.
I am loving our porch makeover - it's fun, different and much more inviting!

Oh, and if you happen to plop yourself in one of the rocking chairs, you might just get this greeting...

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  1. oh wow! what a difference! it looks amazing! great job!

  2. How lovely! This is such a cute space, and your puppy is simply adorable! :)

  3. I love it!!! So few items but so uber chic!!! One day I'll have a porch and you will be the first one I summon to help me!



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