Alison and Nick Visit. Photo Edition.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

I mentioned about a week ago that my dear cousin and her boyfriend came for a visit.
It was quite lovely having them here.
And was actually Alison's first time meeting the little Z man.

They were here for a full three days.
We showed them around town, acclimated them to a military base, had a beach afternoon, ate yummy food, baked pie and visited the park multiple times.
It was awesome for me to spend time with both of them.
My cousin is a dear friend and is always making me laugh.
Plus, it was good to get to know her man a little bit better :)

I have stolen all the following photos from her, because I was a slacker photographer that week.
And be forewarned: there are many pictures, starting now...

Alison and Z.
She was so excited to FINALLY meet him!

 Nick and Alison were a HUGE help the entire time.
But especially one morning.
I had a Vet appt for Lucy.
So they agreed to hang out with the babes while the pooch got checked out.
They played at the park!

Nick is the best lego-builder-person around.
I don't think L will ever ask me to make something ever again.
She LOVED asking him to make cool lego creations.

Lucy, longingly looking to come inside the house, ha ha!

We baked a strawberry-rhubarb pie one evening for dinner.
It was fantastic.

 Bathtime music fun.

Nick made a lego phone.
I told you he was a great lego-builder-person!


Oh the sad eyes of a Basset Hound!

Nick, Alison, Z and L.

Alison insisted that we get a family photo in front of our first house!

My husband, playing at the park.

The Z man's first ride in the swing.
He LOVES it!

Mama and Z.

L and her daddy.

Two little babes, swinging away.

 I just love this photo.
It makes me smile.

At the beach, ready for some fun in the sun!

Nick built sandcastles.
L smushed them down.

 Our family at the beach.
Cracks me up.
We look so not excited to be there!
But in reality, we LOVE the beach!

Dinner at the beach.
Lots and lots of fried goodness.

Alison and I.

They left us a note on the fridge.

We LOVED having Nick and Alison visit us for a few days.
And were definitely sad to see them go!

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