A little glimpse.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

I put together a few clips from videos taken in the last few weeks.
They make me smile.
A few sidenotes:

1. L is a great helper. 
She likes to help me move laundry from the washer to the dryer. 
She finds pieces of trash or crumbs on the floor (she is like a little vacuum) 
and will put them in the trash under the sink. 
When we need to change her diaper, she will go get the wipes for us. 
And will also get Z's burp cloth - we have to really watch her, 
because if Z spits up, she will try wiping his face -
 which is great, but she can be a bit rough!

2. Ezzy likes to "talk" all the time now. He can be quite loud! 
 I call him our little dinosaur, cause he makes these funny growl/roar/sqwauk noises!

3. Max taught L how to "scare" someone (or something).  
She walks up and "BAH"!  It's super funny and super cute.  
Her favorite target is the kitty - L just laughs and laughs after scaring that poor cat!
In the clip of her and Max, she was scaring him, and then all of a sudden, layed down.
Totally mimicking him!

4. Within the past few weeks, Z has gotten pretty good at grabbing objects within his reach.
 He also found his toes, which provide much entertainment for him!

5. The last clip of L just makes me laugh.  What a goon!

I hope you enjoy a little glimpse into our life!

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  1. how precious are they! i just love it!!! definitely put a smile on my face today!!

  2. haha, this reminds me of my life last year, when my kids were the same ages! very sweet times. As happy as I am that my daughter is almost 3 now and learning to do more on her own, I also miss those "easy" baby stages where they just lay there and play happily all day. but now I'm looking forward to the new baby coming in a few months! :-)



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