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Friday, February 25, 2011

I have no pictures to share today.
This is why I have been a slacker blogger.
I have this strange mentality that I can only blog if I have pictures to share.
Which isn't true.
I mean, I know y'all love the pictures.
Particularly of the babes. 
But with adjusting to having Max home and trying to get into our new family routine, 
I have just not had time to edit photos.
So there are none to share tonight.

We are all doing well.
It's amazing having Max here.
I can't believe it's only been 2 weeks.
It feels like he's always been here with us.
I know, we were apart a year.
And I definitely get that we all had our own experiences, challenges and growths during that year.
I guess it just feels so natural having Max here with us, having our family whole.
It's just so crazy how the joy of being back together so heavily overshadows the hardness of the last year.
I pray I always remember the feelings, the lessons, the reliance on God that this last year taught me.

Max has been home two weeks now.
He had a day off after getting home, then worked half-days for a week.
The following weekend, he had an extra day off, then he worked a full week.
He's off starting early next week, for a few weeks (Praise the Lord!!).
We will be hanging out around here, having a few visitors coming to stay with us.
I think we are both just excited to spend time together, as a family.
And I am excited to explore more of the area!

The kiddo's are doing well.
Seriously, L ADORES her daddy, which is so sweet.
She climbs all over him, stands on top of him, begs him to pick her up.
During the day, she goes to the bottom of the stairs, pulls back-and-forth on the gate
and hollers at the top of her lungs, "daaaaaddy."
It's like she thinks he's upstairs all day long. Ha!
She has started testing my patience and is definitely testing boundaries.
We've been dealing with hitting, throwing toys and books, and doing things she KNOWS she shouldn't.
Time-outs have been implemented more than once.
I've also been trying to get her outside more, to run off some of her crazy energy :)

Ezra is still just growing like a weed.
He seems to be such a happy baby!
And is so much "chattier" than I remember L being at this age.
He is always cooing or giggling or hollering at his toys.
It's cute and makes me smile.
We had a few great nights where he slept 9 hour stretches, but lately it's been hit-or-miss.

Not gonna lie, I've been having a hard time adjusting to our new schedule.
Getting up with Max has taken some getting used to!
0545 comes mighty early - and I know there will be earlier mornings to come!
But I enjoy getting up with Max, eating breakfast and drinking coffee together.
It's such good quality Max & Kaylee time, even if I am still half-asleep.

Our days have been pretty typical, I feel.
Max goes to work.
The babes and I hang out.
There's naptime, lunchtime, playtime, more naptime.
Daddy comes home.
We eat dinner, play, get the kiddo's in bed.
There are usually a few things to be done around the house.
Then it's off to bed early (since we get up so dang early!!!).
Aside from that "typical"-ness, Max has been having fun doing "fish stuff".
He's already set up a little freshwater guppy tank (we added shrimp tonight!!!).
And has his mega-sweet saltwater tank in the works.
We're getting a pair of clownfish (I TOLD you my husband was a fish nerd...) in the mail in March.
{sidenote: have you ever gotten clownfish in the mail?!  Me either!  I'm a bit excited!!!}
We took a visit to the local aquarium last weekend. 
We all thought it was awesome and can't wait for more visits.

What else is new?!
Just having Max home.
Which is stellar.
It's still so surreal feeling, going about my day, knowing my man is coming home at the end of it.
It's great.
There have been plenty of funny moments, as we begin this adventure of living together.
I really should start writing them down.
I'll start compiling some of the funnies to share soon!

Ok, it's WAY past my (new) bedtime.
I'm starting to turn into a pumpkin.
I'll work on some of the latest photos soon :)

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  1. It sounds like you are having an amazing time:-) and PS I am the same way - I don't like to blog without pictures!!

  2. :) I hate posting without a photo, too, but you painted some great word pictures for us. I'm glad you guys are settling in so well!



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