Our weekend (or, Alison visits).

Monday, February 09, 2015

My parents were out of town over the weekend, so when my cousin Alison (who the kids call Auntie Alison) asked when she could visit, this weekend seemed like a great time!  She came down on Friday and stayed through Sunday, and we are so glad she made the trek!

The kids were so excited going to bed on Friday night, knowing they would see her when they woke up on Saturday morning!  We went the to Zoo on Saturday morning, and had a blast seeing all the animals.  There is a baby elephant there, and she is just adorable!  She seems so tiny, but just weighed in at 400+ lbs!  Crazy!  We went out for Sonoran hot dogs after the Zoo, and then headed home for naps.  Spent some time outside before dinner, and then once the kids were in bed, Alison and I had a fun night eating treats, painting nails, chatting, and catching up on shows.  We headed to the park Sunday morning, to burn some energy off, and then Alison hit the road to head home.  

I am so thankful for the conversation, extra hands, and help that Alison provided!  We are so glad she came down to spend the weekend with us!  
morning walk view // playing outside // sleepy babe // Queen Eliana
 Can you find the little teeny baby in the picture above?!  
playing at the park!
{many of the photos above were taken & shared by Alison!  Thanks!}

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  1. Ugh the weather looks soooo nice. It's always nice having friends around!

  2. I am so glad you got to spend time together! Family visits are the best. :)



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