Weekend in Minnesota

Sunday, September 28, 2014

A few months ago, I got the grand idea of taking a trip by myself to MN, to visit girlfriends.  My parents graciously offered to watch the kids, and the crazy Georgie, for a long weekend, and I booked my ticket.  I was so excited to take a solo trip (I think it's the longest I've left my babes ever, and it's the first time I've gone on a trip by myself since having kids!), and to have a relaxing weekend before baby #4 arrives, and life gets even more crazy around here. 
 Early morning at the airport // Dunn Bros! // reading
Glam Doll donuts - yum! // 34 weeks pregnant with baby #4 // enjoying lovely weather
precious time with a sweet friend // airport coffee & study break // loving the cooler temps
I was able to attend a friend's baby shower while in MN.  She is due about a week before I am, with her first baby - a precious little boy.  It was so fun staying with her, and sharing all about our bellies/babies/pregnancies - I can't believe I didn't get any pictures with her, especially with our baby bellies! 

The weekend didn't quite go as planned, as one of my best friends was really sick, and spent most of the weekend in the hospital, trying to get symptoms and pain figured out.  Even though last weekend may not have been exactly as planned, it was still a lovely, quiet, relaxing weekend - complete with lots of coffee, sweet conversations and time with dear friends, reading books, lunch with my Grandma, attending a baby shower, and enjoying the cooler Fall weather.  

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