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Thursday, June 19, 2014

I used to pull out my DSLR camera daily, snapping pictures, memories, moments, here and there.  And then last year, I got an iPhone, and suddenly had an easier picture-taker available all the time.  It was usually with me, and in the quick of the moment, became my go-to memory-recorder.  

But I miss my camera.  The weight in my hands.  The photos taken.  The memories captured.  Typically in better, less grainy quality than when taken with my phone.  
ice cream treats // morning tea with Georgie // silly smile faces
Evie & Ezra putting Georgie to bed // 20 weeks with baby girl // colorful meals make me happy 
painting // evening walks // hands on her hips, showing off her dress and vacuum
first popsicles of summer // Georgie caught in the act of stealing napkins // coffee in hand

I am glad I have a readily available camera and am glad for the memories I have captured with my phone.  But I want to use my camera more.  I want to have picture upon picture stored on my computer, and I want to learn to use it better.  So I am plugging it in today, to recharge.  In hopes that it won't just sit on my shelf, wasting battery life.  But instead, that I'll grab it frequently during my days, to snap photos, to capture moments, to record precious moments of our days.  

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  1. Love these pictures! I am the same way - so easy just to use my phone, but I need to pick up my camera again.

  2. Very cute pictures - it was fun getting caught up with you guys :)

  3. <3 the photos. I feel the same, though. I need to break out my nice camera more!



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