Birthday Weekend.

Monday, May 05, 2014

 Last weekend (I am a little behind here, so not this past weekend, but the one before, haha!), my mom came to visit, and I celebrated my 28th birthday.  It was a fabulous weekend - my mom spoiled us, and I felt so special on my birthday.  We started the weekend with dinner at In-N-Out Burger - I have developed a slight obsession, and it's a good thing there is not one closer to our house, or we'd spend way too much money there!  I picked my mom up late Friday night, and Saturday morning we headed to the Aquarium.  That afternoon, my mom treated Eliana and I to pedicures - L was so cute, sitting there, getting her toes painted - she felt so special coming along!  Saturday evening, Max and I  got to have a date night.  We found a cute cafe that served dessert, coffee, and beer - it was perfect and we enjoyed some quiet time together, chatting about life over a delicious piece of cheesecake and a  decadent peanut butter brownie.  
 Sunday, we had a slower day, going to church, and then hanging out at home together the rest of the day.  I woke up on my birthday, to a laundry room full of balloons - my morning routine these days is to come downstairs, let George outside to potty, then go into the laundry room to get his food.  I pulled the door open, and a huge pile of balloons floated at me.  In my early-morning-still-half-asleep-state, I exclaimed, "whoa!", and George let out a quiet "woof" of surprise!  It made me giggle later thinking about it.  The kids were thrilled to find all the balloons and we moved them to the living room, where they played with them all day long!  We went out for a birthday coffee/hot cocoa treat that morning, and then my mom treated us to dinner that night, followed by an old-time favorite birthday dessert - dirt cake!!  My mom and L had made it that afternoon, with a certain puppy trying to sneak a lick!  
My mom left the following afternoon, but we managed to go out for donuts, and head to the beach before taking her to the airport.  It was a great weekend, and I am so glad she came to visit to celebrate my birthday!  I had a great day turning 28, and felt so special - there were balloons, flowers, little gifts Max hid around the house, coffee treats, lots of birthday wishes, glorious sunshine, dinner out, and dirt cake - it was a good day, and I am looking forward to the year ahead of me!

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  1. Definitely a wonderful birthday weekend!!! :)

  2. Your husband is awesome! How sweet of him to go the extra mile to make your birthday so special. Glad that your mom was able to be there for your birthday too!

  3. What a wonderful way to celebrate!

  4. That sounds like a perfect way to spend a birthday weekend!

  5. Sounds like an awesome weekend!

  6. Fun things! And mmmm, dirt cake!



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