The month of visitors.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Hello!  It's unintentionally been awhile, but I am glad to be back, typing away.  The kiddos are napping (or I am pretending that they still are, for the moment), Georgie is hunkered down by my feet, and I have a homemade peanut butter cup in hand - it's a good afternoon!

I deem last month as the month of visitors.  Just after Valentine's day, we welcomed Max's parents for a week.  We hadn't seen them for over a year, so it was great having them here, checking out our home, and going on fun adventures - to the aquarium, the donut shop, the beach, etc!  A few days after saying good-bye to them, my parents drove down for a long weekend.  My dad had been saying for months, that as soon as he got a new job, they would hop in the car, and come visit!  Well, he got a job (Woot!  So excited for him!), and they packed in the car a few days later and came down over a long weekend.  We went out for ice cream, played lots of fun games, spent time outside, and read many books!  The day before they left, a good friend from MN, and her sweet little daughter, came for a week-long visit.  It was so fun having them here, and showing them around Monterey!  We took them to the Aquarium, the beach, the donut shop, and spent a lot of time playing outside in the sun - they came from snow and cold, so the sun and warm was a nice break for them!  They flew home earlier this week, and the house has felt VERY quiet since then!  

We were so happy to have so many visitors, but are also glad to settle back in our regular routine and rhythm again!  Max has a class break next week, and we are very much looking forward to that!  He has been so busy at work and with school, that we don't see him very often during the week.  It will be good to have some solid time with him around here - and we have plans to do some fun activities in the area!  

The kids are doing good.  Ezra fell off the potty-training wheel - he woke up one day, hysterically sobbing, proclaiming that he didn't want to be a big boy and that he wanted diapers.  I am working on making potty training super fun and exciting again - and planning to take him to the store for some extra special reward treats!  This boy is 3.5 and I am getting tired of changing his diaper!  Evie is finally talking a bit more - she has a few more words lately, my favorite one being 'oww!' when I wipe off her face after meals, ha!  Eliana seems so "old" lately - she asks questions all the time, tells us stories, sings lots of made-up songs, and is still growing her hair "like Rapunzel"!

Georgie is doing great - he must be 3 times bigger than a month ago!  We started puppy classes with him this week, and have been working on basic obedience.  His potty training is going well, and when we go out to play in the yard, the neighbors come out to say hi to him!  I'd say our biggest issue with him right now is that he barks at us when he wants us to play with him - we need to figure out how to teach him 'quiet'!  

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous the last week - sunny and 70's - and we've been spending a lot of hours out in the yard, riding bikes, "making soup", and soaking up the sun!  Today is no exception, and I hear the little ones chattering - time to head outside and burn off that toddler energy!

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  1. I don't know where you get your energy, but I need to borrow some of it (oh, and the weather, while we're at it)! :) I'm glad you were able to visit with family. And we're STILL working with Millie to try to get her potty trained at night.Hurry, hurry, kid! :)



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