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Monday, March 31, 2014

Some days, and a lot lately, I feel at a loss in regards to my blog.  Some days, there are so many thoughts, but not very many words.  Some days, there are concerns about sharing so much of our life (and more so, stories and photos of my kiddos) online.  Some days, there is no motivation, no inspiration, no real hard-pressed need to share.

And I think that's ok.  I don't blog to get more readers or to write a certain number of posts a month.  I don't blog for numbers or comments or recognition.  I blog to share our life, to keep friends and family updated, to record moments and memories and the little things.  I blog because I love looking back and seeing where we've been, what we've done.  I am not very good at keeping baby books or family scrapbooks or photo albums - but I've been pretty diligent about blogging over the years, so the blog holds beautiful snapshots of precious moments and events, and that is special to me.

Sometimes I have this strange feeling, because while I share a lot on my blog, there is a lot that I don't share.  I can't share it all.  This is too public and large of a space.  And that's ok too.  But sometimes it leaves me feeling like I've posed myself or my family, only allowing certain parts through.  I guess that's true.  And I think it's ok.  There is no need to share every little detail here.  Sometimes there are details too private or too raw or too precious to share.  I want to be intentional and real and transparent, but I also understand that there is a line that should not be crossed, for the sake and safety of my family.

I often wonder what will become of this blog.  More and more I think about just stopping, about just saving all the files, and hitting the delete button.  I wonder why I bother keeping it going, especially because lately I have had no motivation to share, to record stories, to update.

But then I remember how much I love to blog.  And how much more I love to share stories and thoughts and ramblings, to record memories and events, so that people can be updated on our little family.  It's not easy being so far away from family and friends, to feel so alone - and I know that keeping a blog has helped me maintain the connected feeling - knowing that I have a way to share bits and pieces of what we are up to or funny stories of the kids or new family updates.  

So, I guess for now, I just needed to share where I was on blogging, and give a little insight as to why the blog has been so quiet lately.  I am thinking lots of thoughts and there is a lot going on, so hopefully my motivation and enthusiasm will come back, and I'll have more to share soon.  And if not, I suppose that's ok too.

Happy Monday, friends.

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  1. I think we all feel this way sometimes, I know I do! Hugs friend and Happy Monday!

  2. I've been having these exact thoughts lately! Then a thought comes out of nowhere and I just have to write it down and share it, and I'm so grateful for my little space. It's just fun sometimes. Happy Monday!

  3. Yep, I get this. I've been thinking again about going private.. allows me to share what I want to a select audience. I think one of the things that bothers me the most is I have no idea who's reading. So maybe going private will be the answer for my blogging woes? Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I for one, love reading your blog :)

  4. I totally get what you're saying. I've had the same thoughts and feelings lately too. I love reading your blog (when I'm actually on my computer and looking at blogs :)!

  5. I've taken a step back in my blogging. Kind of let go of sponsorships and posting too much and the pressure. It's been freeing!

  6. I echo the others in saying I totally get it and feel many of the same things.

    I do, however, love reading your blog and get excited whenever I see a new post pop up :)



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