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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

I suppose this really should be titled 'Fresh air & outings & Evie'!  It's been hard to snap pictures of the older two lately, because they are always on the move and don't sit still for much - unless it's to lay by Georgie and pet him ;)

I am convinced fresh air can help turn a lot of moods around, so last week, we tried to get out of the house as much as possible - taking walks around the block, meeting friends for playdates, hanging out in the front yard, digging in the backyard, going to the park - anything to get us out of the house and moving outside, soaking up the fresh air, and helping the kids burn off excess toddler energy!  
Walking back home after a playdate down the street, all hands on deck!
 Evie finds Ezra's helmet and plops it on her head, then finds the bike and sits on it like she is the biggest girl ever.  She doesn't actually move anywhere, but she is so proud of herself.  
 Last week, we were starting to go a little stir-crazy after being in the house for days on end due to colds/etc, so the day we had the car, we were super excited to get out!  We went with some friends, to a local place that was basically a mini-children's museum - it was perfect for the kids to play and explore and adventure.  They had a great time and it was so good to get of the neighborhood for a few hours!
 At the museum - Evie dressed up like a firefighter, driving the truck.  Ha!
Hanging out on the porch, watching the big kids bike and run and dig, soaking up the sunshine and fresh air.  As long as it's not super chilly or raining, most days after naps, we head outside for awhile before dinner, and wait for Daddy to get home.  Eliana has gotten really good at riding her "big girl Princess" bike, and rides around and around the circle in front of our house.  Ezra spends a lot of time dragging his bike up the hill, then riding it down, super fast, with his feet off the pedals!  He comes screeching down that hill, scaring me half the time - but at least he wears his helmet ;)

Speaking of all that fresh air time, I hear Evie up from her morning nap, the kiddos just finished watching 'The Fox and the Hound', the sun is shining, and we have some time to burn before lunch - outside we go!

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  1. Evie looks so cute in the helmet haha.

  2. I agree about fresh air turning moods around! Micah was really fussy this morning, so I strapped him in the stroller to head outside. It is such a relief - plus I can use the exercise!

  3. So fun! I have to admit I'm a little jealous- we've had either several inches of snow and/or subzero temperatures for over a month now, so it's starting to give all of us some crazy cabin fever! I love winter, but this year, I'm ready for it to warm up a little.



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