Eliana dances.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Eliana was gifted dance classes for her birthday.  She started in October at the community center down the street.  It's a little group of 4-6 year old girls that meet with Ms. Heidi every week.  The last few weeks, they have been working on a Frosty the Snowman dance, and last week, they all gathered to perform it at a local nursing home.  It was super cute, and I thought L did a great job - her timing may be a little off and she might twirl a little bit longer than the other girls, but I am a proud mama!  

The girls will be performing it again at the community center recital next week, and I am excited to take Max along to watch - she'll be so thrilled to have him there in person!  

I recorded the dance at the nursing home last week - she is in the front row, on the right hand side.  It was taken on my cell phone, so it's not that great of quality, and it's pretty grainy, but you can get the feel of it.  Enjoy!

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